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Visit Mount Uhud with Full Focus:

Updated: Apr 17

Every year so many people visit Mount Uhud and go there to say salam to shuhada-e-uhud especially to Sayyudul Shuhada Hamza Radhi Allahu Anhu. Most people go there with a guide who would tell the basic story and happenings of the day of Uhud and while there is no harm in that. The purpose of this post is to provide even more resources to prepare for your visit before and have a deeper connection with Mount Uhud and the Sahaba who participated that day. It is the Sunnah of Prophet SAW to visit Uhud and pray upon the Shuahada of Uhud.


First of All, Mount Uhud is more than just a battlefield of Ghazwa-e-Uhud. RasulAllah SAW said Uhud loves the believers and believers love the Uhud.

So when you get there say "I love you Uhud" and she would respond to you in her own way.


We always heard about Angels being present in the battle of Badr, But do you know there were angels at the time of the battle of Uhud as well? Listen to the following lecture by Shaikh Omar Suleiman

Story in 10 mins

Syed ul Shuhada Hamza ibn Abdulmuttalib RA:

Musab Ibn Umair RA:

He was The Flag Bearer of Badr & Uhud. He is buried with Hamza RA.

Abdullah ibn Jahash RA:

He is buried with Hamza RA in the same Grave.

Saad' Ibn Muaad RA (Throne of Allah Shook):

70000 Angels -Death Story

Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Haram RA:

He was the Very First Shaheed of Uhud

Amir Ibn e Jamuh RA:

The Second Shaheed of Uhud & the Disabled Senior who fought Uhud

He shared the Kafn with Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Haram

Hanzalah (Ghaseelul Malaaika)RA:

Anas Ibn Nadr RA:

He had more than 70 wounds

Nusayba Bint Kaab RA ( Veteran of Uhud)RA:

Here is the YouTube playlist:

InshaAllah this post will be updated from time to time in the future to add more resources.

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