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Umrah/Hajj Minor Sickness, Need Prescription

Updated: Jun 10

Nobody plans for sickness during Hajj and Umrah but the change of weather, tiredness from the journey, and allergy season can lower your immunity. and you might need some medical advice especially with kids ( cold, etc.)

There are multiple Free hospitals Outside the Harmain Shareefain where people can get emergency attention. But not all sicknesses are emergencies and in Saudi Arabia, you can Not get prescription medication( antibiotics etc.) without a prescription.

This time, a similar event happened when one of us got sick due to allergies and needed a prescription medication for that. In Emergency Rooms, there is always big line so we decided to ask the pharmacist the best way. And here is the solution we found.

First of all, make sure to get a Saudi sim in your phone so that you have a Saudi cellphone/mobile number. If your phone is unlocked(for US folks, make sure it is), this is an easy process. There are so many places you can get Saudi sim around the haram. They have selling carts and stalls all over the place.

Second, Download the Nahdicare Clinics App. Follow the setup procedure with your phone number verification. We tried it with a US number and it didn't work, and the pharmacist told us later that we had to get a Saudi sim.

Nahdi is one of the pharmacy apps Go through the setup process and then there is ON SPOT Consultancy.

Then you have to select the type of consultant you need:

You have to register your patient first time with a passport number and all other info. If you got your visitor visa, you got the medical insurance covered. You can link it here at this step. Or if you want to pay cash (Minor Fee), you can do that too.

Depending on your diagnosis, they will send your prescription to the pharmacy closest to you. The good thing is you are talking to a medical professional for advice.

Other important thing is Dua, The dua for sickness is here, it's always better to memorize these prophetic supplications.

Immunity Boosting Advice: Try to increase your immunity before visiting there by adding high-immunity food and supplements. One of them is Honey ( If you are not allergic to it). On our last year's visit, the pharmacist in Madinah gave us high-concentration Manuka Honey(go for 250MGO minimum but more is better) to boost immunity.

This year we bought it as soon as we got there and added it to our diets. This is a little expensive since it's medical grade but you can always ask the pharmacist if any deal or sale is running on this.

It has a light brown color and a slightly different texture:

May Allah protect all of us from being sick during this beautiful journey. Ameen

Disclaimer: This post does not contain any medical advice. please be responsible with your health and take care of yourself as needed.

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