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Eid in Makkah

What An Experience!!

Allah-u-Akbar , Allahu-u-Akbar, Allahu-Akbar Walil lahil hamd.. Right After Fajr Salah, You sit in the haram and Takbeerat begins.

What an energy of Eid. If we say that was our best Eid, It wouldn't be a lie. Our Daughter and Son were sitting in their double stroller. And the Eidi was pouring left and right lol. Before we flew, we were having a conversation that this Eid without family would be different. We will miss them on Eid. But The Energy of Makkan's is so amazing that we envy them for that.

My daughter got so many chocolates that day that an American kid would envy her on the day of Halloween(No we don't celebrate it, it's just an example).

Some Makkan's were so amazing, they had these packets of Chocolate, money, and duas packed together as shown in this picture:

We were staying near haram, and Each hotel had its own celebrations. Of course that comes with food. Our hotel folks made a tree out of dates and they were serving it hot tea and other sweets.

The Cute Light show After Every Salah on the Clock Tower was a treat. The camera doesn't do justice to it:

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